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Wing Mirror Clipping Incident

Discussion about: Wing Mirror Clipping Incident
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Here is something to talk about, VFan17! One of my darkest days in my life, yet! :(:D

On Sunday afternoon (01/07/2018), I had not long left my home in my car. A man in a VOLVO C30 coming the other way to me, caught my drivers side wing mirror, with his drivers side wing mirror, whilst I was passing parked cars. I went as close to the parked cars, without hitting them. The other driver left a big gap, from the nearside of his C30, to the kerb. Now what is more annoying about this, for me, is that I had the same mirror on my car, caught on a Ford Focus, back in March, being driven by a woman. She drove off without stopping. The Focus was bashed anyway all over it, so I got the impression that she does not care about her car. On this occasion, it did leave a mark on mirror, which I am yet to get repaired.

Anyway, this does not finish yesterday's incident. I pulled over to check my mirror and fold it back out. I then noticed that further down the road, on the other side of the road, was the VOLVO that hit me. The man was doing the same to his mirror. I do not know if his mirror sustained any damage. I did not go to his car. I was going to exchange my details with him, but he shouted across the road to me, telling me to come over here, in loud and aggressive voice. This instantly shocked me and frightened me, so without thinking, I jumped back in my car and drove off, WITHOUT exchanging details. Bad mistake. Mistake #1.

I know I should have done this. I watch all the police documentaries on TV. I am pretty clear with the road traffic laws. I know it's against the law to drive away from an RTA. As I drove off, the man started running after me, but after 10 seconds, or less, here gave up and I am guessing he went back to his car. I was then worried that he would get in his, turn it around and try and chase after me. Thankfully this did NOT happen. However, I did have in mind that I should pull over and call '101', the non-emergency number for the police, but I was still scared and shaken up from it all. I did not report the incident straight away, or on the day. Mistake #2.

I did not get the registration of the of the car. All I can remember is that it was a black VOLVO C30, with chrome mirror covers. I went to the police station at around lunchtime today, to report the incident, as I honestly thought the other driver would report it. He didn't report it. The police thanked me for reporting it, but they did tell me off, for not stopping and not exchanging details with the driver. They also told me off for not reporting the incident at all yesterday or immediately. So I have made mistakes with this incident too. It's been a learning curve. I knew I shouldn't have driven away and I knew I would be in trouble for this. At the same time, the police completely understood why I drove off. I feared I might get punched in the face, etc. I do not know why I drove off, without exchanging details or without reporting the incident. I hate myself for this.

The case has been closed and no further action will be taken. No points and fines. I am relieved about this. I am more scared of people now, especially when they are driving. It's been a terrifying experience and something I want to forget about, as soon as possible.

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I see why you didn't exchange details, but you should have gone immediately to the police station. I had a crash about a year ago when a car hit the driver side mirror, which then hit the glass. We didn't see the car registration number or what make it was, but we still reported it in case. Always report incidents like these.
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I know I should have done. I didn’t think straight enough and realise that I need to contact the police, ASAP. I know how urgent it is, after any form of RTC or RTA. The aggression of the other real shocked me and shuck me up. I have never ever experienced anybody so angry like that before. I generally feared for my life, hence why I chickened out and drive away form the incident. I shouldn’t have done either of these two things, but I have had my telling off by the police and it can all be put behind me now.