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What do you think of the new F1 logo?

Discussion about: What do you think of the new F1 logo?
Brad P
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
Were Liberty right to change the logo?
What do you think of it?
Love it, hate it, or just a bit meh?

images (1).png

personally I like it, looks very retro .. I think the backlash is just the standard resistance to any big change, and it'll probably grow on people
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I don't like it and even though I've got use to it I'll still take the flying 1 every day of the week. With the old one you could tell it was F1 and it had really grown on people. Plus it's kind of cool the one is in between. Not to mention the new font is about as readable as some ancient scrolls.
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I like it. It’s very different to the old one, but I don’t think they can be compared, also I can’t decide which I prefer.

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