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Two-time Champion Fernando Alonso To Leave F1


Fernando Alonso is to leave Formula One at the end of the season, McLaren confirmed Tuesday.

The 37-year-old has had a glittering career in F1, winning back-to-back titles in 2005 and 2006 with Renault, the first of which made him the then youngest ever champion.

Alonso, who is in his 17th season in the sport, has won 32 races, amassed 22 pole positions and reached the podium on 97 occasions.

"After 17 wonderful years in this amazing sport, it's time for me to make a change and move on. I have enjoyed every single minute of those incredible seasons and I cannot thank enough the people who have contributed to make them all so special," he said via a McLaren statement.

"There are still several grands prix to go this season, and I will take part in them with more commitment and passion than ever.
"Let's see what the future brings; new exciting challenges are around the corner. I'm having one of the happiest times ever in my life but I need to go on exploring new adventures."


Discussion about: Two-time Champion Fernando Alonso To Leave F1
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
As I mentioned before its a shame he's leaving. The fact he only has two championships when he's one of the drivers to go wheel to wheel with Michael Schumacher (!) is sad. I hope he has a good end to the season and wish him well for the future
Brad P
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
He will be back :)
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
Even if he comes back though with his luck that team will flop
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
I can't believe he is leaving. Very shocking news, is this. :eek:

Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
It's not extremingly shocking though, he's been trundling around in sub par cars for a long time it was inevitable he was going to get fed up
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
True, but I did like him, only thing I didn't like is that he wasn't in my favourite team, but other than that, he was good. Perhaps wants a break from Formula 1. He might come back in the future.

Not really surprised about this, didn't think he would be around this year.


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