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The Grand Tour Game: Anybody Getting This?

Discussion about: The Grand Tour Game: Anybody Getting This?
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Only a week or so ago, the Amazon Game Studio announced a video game, of the Amazon Video programme, 'The Grand Tour'. Players can play as the three presenter's; Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Players can also play the challenges and drive all cars that have been tested, either on the track or out on the roads, from all three season's.

I am 100% getting this game, as I am a big fan of Top Gear (Series 1 - 22; 2002 - 2015 only) and of The Grand Tour. It is sad that Season 3 of The Grand Tour will be the last season, but I think The Grand Tour Game will be a good way to say "goodbye" to The Grand Tour, unless 'W. Chump & Sons Ltd. of London' will take it to another TV production company, so The Grand Tour can continue to be made. If not, then let's hope that they create a new TV programme to replace The Grand Tour.

So, the question is are excited and / or getting The Grand Tour Game? Please post your comments below... :)

No I won't be getting the game I'm more of a war strategy type .
I wasn't aware that S3 will be it for the show. I have watched 1 & 2 and enjoyed them both. I did notice the TopGear style coming back strong in S2.
I did hear a rumour a little while ago that BBC had or were about to approach the three ex hosts about a return.
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I do hope that Jeremy, Richard and James about a return to Top Gear, or I hope The Grand Tour moves to another production TV channel.