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F1 News Schumacher manager denies Mallorca move


Michael Schumacher's manager has denied reports the F1 legend is moving to Spain.

It was reported this week, and confirmed by the local mayor, that the Schumacher family including the seven time world champion are relocating from Switzerland to a EUR 30 million property in Mallorca -- an island off the Spanish coast.

But Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's manager, denied the news.

"The Schumacher family is not planning to move to Mallorca," she told Bild newspaper.

The report said while it is true that Corinna Schumacher bought the property belonging to Real Madrid president Forentino Perez, it will not be the former Ferrari and Mercedes driver's residence.
A spokesman for the Mallorca town of Andratx, meanwhile, said: "Our mayor never said that Michael Schumacher is moving to Mallorca and that we are preparing security measures for his arrival.

"Perhaps it was a translation error," he added.

"The only thing she (the mayor) mentioned is that Antratx would be prepared if the family decided to move here. In that case, the family would be treated like all other residents."


Discussion about: Schumacher manager denies Mallorca move
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I feel sorry for Schumacher a lot. I really hope he gets better soon, I don't think he'll ever fully recover but if it gets to the point he can live sort of normally like walk and talk, I would be really happy
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I agree. I feel sorry for him too. He will probably never recover. The accident was almost 5 years ago.