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Samtiago EPrix

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So Formula E had it's third race of the season today, in Chile. Di Grassi qualified on pole but got disqualified so Buemi was on pole with D'ambrosio the championship leader at the back.

Crazy race and a great drive from Bird to win. Wehrlein has been doing brilliant so far as a rookie and he will only go better. Absolute carnage though, Lotterer smashing into Da Costa who went into Vergne, Di Grassi taking out Lopez from a mile back, Massa getting pushed into the wall, Dillman and Gunter stopping in the middle of the track, Vandoorne crashing and then holding up the leaders to make Buemi Bird and Wehrlein all nose to tail, Rowland binning it, Buemi binning it while leading, Lotterer binning it, Sims hitting Montara and some other stuff. Nice drive from D'ambrosio to keep the championship lead. Did anyone else watch the race?
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No, I don't watch Formula E.