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F1 News Ricciardo wins Monaco GP with six gears


Daniel Ricciardo has revealed that he had to win the Monaco with just six gears, after suffering a lack of full engine power.

The Australian had got away cleanly at the start from pole position, and appeared to have everything under control, when he began to report over the radio that he was suffering from a lack of horsepower.

Despite being around 20km/h slower down the straights, he managed to hold off the threat from closest challenger Sebastian Vettel to take his first win in Monaco, and make up for the disappointment of two years ago when a botched pit stop cost him.

“This was two years in the making,” said Ricciardo. “ I finally feel the redemption has arrived.

We had problems we had a lot to deal with during the race. Before halfway I felt a loss of power and thought the race was done.
"We got home just using six gears, and thanks to the team we got it back.”
Red Bull boss Christian Horner told Ricciardo over the team radio at the end of the race that the win was reminiscent of Michael Schumacher’s second-place finish in Spain in 1994, which was achieved despite his Benetton being stuck in fifth gear.
“That is right up there with what Schumacher did,” said Horner. “This is payback for 2016.”


Discussion about: Ricciardo wins Monaco GP with six gears
Dan has a cool head and handled the race well..good on him
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
It was a good race and for him to win in only gear six, was a good win. Well done that man.

Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
If that wasn't the performance of the season so far I don't know what is.
Yes a great effort by Ricciardo, this will definitely improve negotiating strength.
Brad P
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
Fantastic race from him.