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Race reaction: Ferrari no match for Mercedes

Discussion about: Race reaction: Ferrari no match for Mercedes
Brad P
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The first race of the season is in the bag and some are not convinced by Ferrari’s victory. Planet F1 readers react to the race in Melbourne…

I don’t think Mercedes will be worried at all, a software glitch is way easier to fix than a inherently slower car. Lewis kept on Seb’s tail, putting in fastest laps in dirty air, with 7 laps older tyres. When he dropped back after his mistake he caught him again pretty quickly. Little to be concerned about, without Valterri’s crash and the VSC mess today could well have been a Merc 1-2.

I expect Bahrain to be a comfortable win, for Mercedes, likely a 1-2. Let’s just hope Red Bull can stay close to Ferrari.

Big shame for Haas, hopefully that wasn’t their one and only opportunity for a good result.

Fernando vs Max could have been very interesting but sadly no real passing attempts were made. Would love to see those two in the same team!

Did anyone actually notice the halo once the racing was underway? I must say it didn’t spoil anything for me. I’m sure they’ll sort out the on-board camera angles before too long.

Don’t think I saw the tyres that drivers were running shown on any of the graphics – we used to get that, and I don’t like the font they use. A bit too Formula E for my liking.

Mercedes >
Too bad both of the Red Bulls were in traffic the entire race. We never got to see how quick they were.

One thing is clear though. Ferrari are no match for Mercedes. The gap between them is substantial. At no point did Lewis really go 10/10 in this race and he had plenty of pace in hand over the Ferraris. Only the circuit prevented him from passing Vettel. I’m eager to see whether Red bull have similar race pace to Mercedes. Certainly Ricciardo looked quicker than Kimi during the last stint but, again, no real overtaking here.

I think it’s clearly:

1. Mercedes
2. Red Bull
3. Ferrari

Although in qualifying it might be:

2. Ferrari
3. Red Bull
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