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Pit Chat: Alonso’s broken hype machine

Discussion about: Pit Chat: Alonso’s broken hype machine
Brad P
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Another weekend, another crazy, crazy race. Time to pick out the best sound bites and social media comments from the Chinese Grand Prix.

The McLaren hype machine:

Before we go any further, let’s address the title matter, shall we?
Christian Horner’s comments had us stroking our chin earlier, but then Fernando Alonso had us vigorously scratching our head when he said that expectations are too high at McLaren this season. If we had a drink at the time then we would have certainly spat out.
“I don’t know what exactly people were expecting from one season to another where the regulations stay the same,” Alonso said.
Because neither you nor McLaren have played any part in raising expectations yourself after ditching Honda, have you?
Here’s a selection of stories we have run over the last couple of months…

05/04 – Alonso adamant McLaren can fight for podiums
03/04 – Alonso: McLaren can target top three very soon
25/03 – Alonso: Red Bull are our next target
22/03 – Alonso targets top five in Australia
24/02 – Alonso: The good times are coming for McLaren
14/02 – Alonso: I’ll say the same thing, I’ll win this year
06/02 – McLaren: Alonso can win a third World title

It’s been pretty clear from you what we were supposed to be expecting.