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F1 News No set targets for Grosjean to earn new Haas deal


So we have recently been discussing a topic regarding this gentleman above at this thread https://www.formula1grid.com/threads/hartley.87/#post-293 and it looks like he could be out of the seat if things don't get better.

The Frenchman has yet to score to single point so far this season in a Haas car which Kevin Magnussen has shown to be very competitive in the midfield battle.

Haas bosses have said that Grosjean’s future with the team is not under threat at this stage, and Grosjean is also reasonably relaxed about the situation.

“I haven’t been thinking about it too much,” Grosjean told Firstpost in a Q and A session.

“At one point, we need to sit down and talk about it, but right now we are more focussed on getting the race right.”
Grosjean also revealed he does not have to hit any specific targets in order to stay with the American team.

“No, they know what I can do and I know what they can do,” Grosjean added.

“I was the first one to join the Haas project. I could see then that it was a very different, intelligent approach to F1 and that it could work.

“Three years into F1, we potentially have the fourth fastest car on the grid — that is incredible.”
Grosjean has made no secret of the fact that his dream would be to drive for Ferrari, but he believes his comments has led to too much media talk about his ultimate goals.
He said: “It was a lot of media talk. I didn’t think of it that way. I was going to be 30 and had spent all of my career in Enstone.

“I needed to see a different place. I was the first to join Haas with the vision that I would help the team achieve its many first milestones — something quite unique.
“So far I’ve actually achieved those first goals and I will always remember them. I was here for the first Top 5 and may be here for the first podium!”


Discussion about: No set targets for Grosjean to earn new Haas deal
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This is the problem for Haas. They are too generous on their drivers. OK, if he makes one mistake you go on and encourage them to bounce back, but there is no point in the team saying it's OK he's safe for another year. It comes to a point where you have to admit he is doing bad. They missed out on Leclerc last year by resigning both driver before midseason and it looks like they are making the same mistake again.
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So now Steiner is saying they are starting to get fustrated at Grosjean, ando considering his attitude to his drivers, I would be very worried if I were him.