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New to F1 Grid or confused? Read this!

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Discussion about: New to F1 Grid or confused? Read this!
Brad P
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A Guide to F1 Grid
Hello there! We understand that Formula One Grid can be a LOT to take in at once, so I'm here to help with that! I'm your friendly guide, F1 Grid Announcer. I share updates and helpful tips about the site to get you started as a member of our community.

F1 Grid has a lot to offer and we want to help you experience it! This guide will go over several functions and aspects of the site, so read up and get familiarised with F1 Grid. You're bound to have a lot of fun.

If you're still confused after this guide is finished, check out our thread for questions about Formula One Grid.

Table of Contents:
1. Posting on the forums
2. Receiving and customising Alerts
3. Setting and Preferences
4. Private Conversations
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Brad P
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Posting on the forums

Posting is the main way to communicate with your fellow F1 Grid members. Find an interesting topic you'd love to discuss with the rest of the community? Then go ahead and post!

How to make a Post:

At the very bottom of a discussion thread you'll see a box where you can type your response and get chatting.

Please make sure to follow the forum rules and read the opening post of the thread you're replying to before posting yourself, however. The purpose of a forum is to talk with other people, and it defeats the point if you come into a thread without making an effort to read and reply to others.

How to make a Thread:

At the top right of an individual forum you'll see a button labeled 'Post New Thread.' From there you can choose a thread prefix (if applicable, such as 'Gen 1' for Gen I-related threads and so on). Remember to post your thread in the forum where it fits best — if you want to talk about the Sun & Moon starters, you'd post in the Sun & Moon forum, for example.

Feel free to contact a staff member if you're unsure where to post.

Formatting your posts / Inserting Images, Links, and Videos:

If you want to format your posts (such as bolding, centering, adding color, resizing, etc) or add an image/link/video, simply click on the appropriate icon in the reply box. Make sure you select the text you want to make changes to before attempting to apply formatting. YouTube Videos can be posted simply by copy/pasting the link.

You can also hover over each formatting icon for an explanation if you're unsure of what it does.

Replying to others:

If you need to respond to a specific post in a thread, there are two great ways to go about this: Mentioning or Quoting.

Mentioning: To mention another user in your post, just type the following text:


Just replace INSERTUSERNAME with the user's actual username and select the user in question once the dropdown of all users with similar names pops up. Their username will appear in your post as it does on the forums, and the user will receive a notification that you mentioned them. You can mention multiple usernames if you're responding to multiple people.

Quoting: To quote what someone said, just click the Reply button at the bottom right of their post. You'll then automatically be directed to the reply box, where you can respond to the user's post.

MultiQuoting: MultiQuoting is used to respond to multiple posts by quoting all of them in the same post. To do this, click '+ Quote' in the bottom right of each user's posts you want to quote. Then scroll down to the bottom of the thread and press 'Insert Quotes' to add them all to your reply box. From there, respond away!
Brad P
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Receiving and customising Alerts

If someone mentions, quotes, likes, comments on your profile/status message, or sends you a private conversation, you'll receive an alert in your notifications stash located at the top right corner of any page on the forum. Next to your username you'll see icons of an envelope, flag, and portrait — these will allow you to look at your private messages, forum alerts (such as quotes, likes, etc), and edit your forum background respectively.

To change your Alert Preferences, simply hover over your username in your member menu at the top right and click 'Alert Preferences.' From here, you can change what alerts you'll be notified for.

When you're done, be sure to click 'Save Changes' at the bottom!

tip! If you're particularly interested in a specific discussion, you have the ability to add it to your alerts list to be notified each time someone makes a new reply. To do so, go into the thread and click 'Watch Thread' at the top right of the opening post
Brad P
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
Settings and Preferences

The Settings & Preferences section is the place where you'll be able to edit your forum information, such as your user options, profile, avatar, and signature among others. To find it, first hover over your username at the top of the page to bring up a menu where specific things can be edited. What you click on depends on what you're looking to change.

Personal Details:

As the name implies, this is your personal forum information, such as your status message, avatar, custom title, gender, birthday, privacy settings, and other interests and things about yourself you can fill out. This is also where you can create and edit your About Me page to let the rest of the community know more about you as a person!


If you'd like to make changes to your general forum settings, such as hiding member signatures or your online status, this is the place.

Alert Preferences:

Make changes to your alert notifications here.


Your Avatar is the image that displays next to each of your posts and on your profile. This will be the image to represent you. You may change it in this menu. If it is too large, it will automatically be scaled down to fit.

Remember to hit 'Okay' once you've made changes!


Your signature is the space that appears below each of your posts. You can put images, text, and links here. Feel free to customise it as you see fit, so long as they fit within the forum rules and our signature guidelines. Make sure to check the signature rules before making any changes!

Your News Feed:

If you're a curious cat, here is where you can see activity by members you've followed, such as what threads they've recently posted in, what posts they liked, and any changes made to their status message.

The remaining menus are self-explanatory, but here is a quick rundown of the general options you can view in the control panel dropdown when hovering over your username -
  • Password: Change your password
  • Likes You've Received: All of your received likes
  • Your Content: Threads/posts you've made
The remaining menus are located in your main Account pane and are also self-explanatory.

That about sums it up. Browse through your settings & preferences when you can, as there are a lot of things you can edit to make your F1 Grid experience smoother and to your liking!
Brad P
Staff Team Pit Pass Registered
Private Conversations
Like most forums, you can send a Private Conversation (often referred to as Private Message, or PM) to another user. As the name implies, this message is confidential and can only be viewed by you and the recipient you're sending it to (and anyone else who may be invited to view the conversation).

Viewing Private Conversations:

When you receive a new private conversation, it will appear as an alert in the envelope icon within your user menu, located in the top right corner of every page. From this menu, you can view all of your recent private message conversations or start a brand new one.

Sending Private Conversations:

To send a private message, click the envelope to make the PM drop down menu appear, and click 'Start a Conversation.'

You'll be taken to a page where you can write the user you'd like it sent to, give the conversation a title, and, of course, write out the message itself.

Alternatively, if you don't want to fill out the username field yourself, you can send a private conversation to someone by going to their profile, clicking 'Information,' and then 'Start a Conversation.'

Private Conversation actions:

While viewing a private conversation, there are several actions you can also perform -
  • Upload a File. If you want to include an attachment that's relevant to your message, feel free to do so here.
  • Preview. Look at a preview of your message before you send it.
  • Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others. If you'd like to grand the recipient(s) permission to invite other members to the private conversation, tick this box.
  • Lock conversation. This will block the recipient(s) from being able to respond.
Show All Conversations actions:

By clicking 'Show All' in the envelope drop down menu or 'Conversations' when viewing a single private conversation, you’ll be taken to the general conversations page where you can see all of your private conversations history.

From here you can select and (permanently) delete specific conversations.

By using the 'Conversation Display Options' menu at the bottom, you can also filter conversations by sender, receiver, and participants by username.

tip! Don't forget that you can you can also report private conversation messages if they're breaching any rules. Just because it is private, does not mean the staff does not have the ability to see it when needed. If you feel someone is breaking the rules or insulting you in any way, don't hesitate to report it so the staff can take a look.
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