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F1 News Mercedes/Ferrari TV documentary absence 'let down' F1

Hamilton won the world title by 88 points from Vettel last season

The makers of Formula 1's new behind-the-scenes documentary have accused Mercedes and Ferrari of letting down F1 by not taking part in the programme.

Eight of F1's 10 teams agreed to provide Netflix with fly-on-the-wall access last season, and the 10-part series will be released on 8 March.

But Lewis Hamilton against Sebastian Vettel does not feature prominently.

"They did a slight disservice to the fans and the sport by not taking part," executive producer Paul Martin said.

"It was going to be all or nothing and if those terms were good enough for the eight other teams, it should have been good enough for Mercedes and Ferrari, too," he told the Press Association.

A Mercedes spokesperson said: "We were delighted to see that last season's compelling, year-long battle for the championship between Ferrari and Mercedes helped drive 10% growth in unique viewership for F1 worldwide and made the sport the fastest growing in the world on social media.

"Competing for the world championship is an all-consuming business that demands every ounce of focus from the entire team; we are driven first and foremost by performance in every decision we make."

Ferrari declined to comment.


Discussion about: Mercedes/Ferrari TV documentary absence 'let down' F1
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Very interesting, very interesting.

Staff Team Registered
At the end of the day, it's their choice. I know we all want to see more behind the scenes but you can hardly say it's the teams fault when most questions they are asked by the media are so obvious. There is something called privacy.
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