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Looking forward to Spa

Discussion about: Looking forward to Spa
Brad P
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So the break is over and next week brings Belgium, i love Spa it's one of my favourite circuits, hoping Vettel can shine and get some points to try catch Lewis.

How do you see this race going?
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Logic says Ferrari should be the strongest, Kimi is strong here so hopefully he could do good. Red Bull shouldn't be in the mix which is unfortunate but who knows though? Also the relationship between the team and Ricciardo will be interesting to see.

Midfield I think it's looking good for Haas and Sauber with their Ferrari engines, Leclerc was very strong here last year so I wouldn't put it past him for a class B victory. I reckon Force India may have a strong race which they need after what's going on there.

Ideal result would be Vettel win and Hamilton DNF so Seb takes the lead for Monza, who knows though? I think it'll be a good race, last year was decent, the track is excellent and this year the field is closer. Maybe some rain to mess things up would be cool also