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Haas F1 Team Sticking To Its Plan In Rise Up Formula 1 Standings


Team principal Guenther Steiner of the Haas F1 Team says he has no regrets about the path taken by the American Formula 1 team.

As Haas stepped up the grid in 2018 with a realistic goal of finishing behind the top three teams -- and ahead of everyone else --- in outright performance, some drivers raised their eyebrows. After all, Haas finished eighth in the constructors' championship in each of its first two years in the series.

Haas stuck to the plan and figured its technical alliance with Ferrari would eventually pay dividends.
This year, Haas is fifth in the championship with 51 points. A total of 22 points came in Austria, where Haas drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen finished 4-5 to make for the team's best race in its three-year history.

"I think there is more than one Ferrari (team) in the race now," said McLaren driver and two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso.
And Renault's Carlos Sainz said recently, "I think they are closer to the league above us than we are."

But boss Steiner rejects the suggestion that Haas should have built its team the classic way rather than align so strongly with Ferrari.

"Other new teams who tried it before us were a little stupid," Steiner told the Dutch publication Formule 1. "Don't misunderstand me -- there were some intelligent people and they did nothing wrong, but they did a lot of the same thing. We cannot compete with the big teams in the same way. Maybe it's fine the classic way, or maybe there's another, better way. We took another course and it works."


Discussion about: Haas F1 Team Sticking To Its Plan In Rise Up Formula 1 Standings
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Haas have really stepped up so far, it's great to see a new team in the upper midfield mix. I feel other teams are just sour that they're starting to go up the grid and using the Ferrari link as an excuse because last year when they weren't setting the world alight I don't remember them complaining, but they did when they were doing great in their first two races so a patten is starting to emerge. Personally I'm not a big fan of teams that have close ties with a higher team, I rather pure privateers that run by themselves and defy odds to compete against top teams, but in the current situation were we have few teams it's a necessary evil to keep the numbers up. Plus we have a privateer in Force India so perhaps we should be grateful we have one when loads have died out.


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