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Giovanazzi to Prema?

Discussion about: Giovanazzi to Prema?
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  • Italian team, Italian driver
  • Has experience but not too old
  • Ferrari link
  • Fast, nearly won the championship in rookie year
  • Arguably another 'alsoran'
  • Crash prone
  • Was slightly lucky in 2016
  • Better drivers out there
What's everyone else's thoughts?
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To replace Gelael? Definitely, but they won't do it. Giovinazzi is actually sort of a family friend of the Gelaels, he was the first guy outside the family to be supported by KFC, back in 2012, in the Formula Masters China. But KFC are clearly pushing for Sean to remain in the seat and even get F1 tests. To replace de Vries? Nyck was probably Prema's bet for a title tilt this year, but the Dutchman has had a rather scrappy year so far. Even so, I don't see them dropping him mid-season. Giovinazzi's best bet is a couple of weekends with lowly team like Campos or Charouz.
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@wsrgo Gelael would definitely be the person to replace, but yeah money talks. De Vris is someone who I think is underrated, he has had a few mistakes but overall he is doing good. Looking at it now about half way into the season, Charouz would be a good bet, especially since they are actually doing good. Though he might just not return and go straight back into F1 with Sauber again.
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