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F1 News F1 sporting boss says 'it's naive' to expect passing at F1 Monaco Grand Prix


Liberty Media sporting boss Ross Brawn says criticism of last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix is naive.

F1 fans and drivers alike lashed out after last Sunday's race in the principality. Two-time Formula 1 champion and McLaren driver Fernando Alonso called the race and Daniel Ricciardo's wire-to-wire win for Red Bull, "probably the most boring race in the history of F1."

Brawn agrees that Monaco 2018 "wasn't action packed, all the more so as the tires were the key factor. But it's a bit naive to expect lots of duels and passing moves in Monaco.
"It's such a special race that it should not be judged by the same criteria as the others. Naturally, the opinion of the drivers is welcome and our door is always open.
"However, in Monaco you'd need to reclaim land from the sea to do something (about the circuit) and that's definitely not up to us."

What is everyone’s thoughts about this.


Discussion about: F1 sporting boss says 'it's naive' to expect passing at F1 Monaco Grand Prix
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Monaco was far better then Spain, there was some tension at the front. And it isn't a racing track, it's a skills test for drivers, since it requires great awareness since the barriers are so close. Suzuka isn't a good track for racing either, but everyone like it because it tests a driver, and rightly so.