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F1 round up

Discussion about: F1 round up
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Since making trends for each subject that's happened since the last post, I thought of doing a quick humerus round up to touch on what has happened. So without further ado:

Vettel's 50th win
Seb took his 50th win in style, taking pole and winning. Back to championship leader now, I hope he can hang on, I have never seen him win a world championship so it would be awesome.

In fact, Seb was invited to a post race ceremony to collect a trophy to celebrate his 50th win. He didn't attend though, possibly because of who was handing out the trophy:


In fact no one turned up. Can't blame them.

The return of Strolldonado
Stroll was back in crashing mode and the 2018 cucumber showed that he was a worth successor of the man above

Like honestly. I don't think that needs explaining he just pushed him into the wall.
I would link Claire Williams' interview, but I fear to think about how much people would wonder whether she had a brain.

Leclerc impresses
Meanwhile Leclerc comintues to do wonders in the Sauber. He has scored points three times in the last four races. He's on fire and I really hope Ferrari get him in a seat there soon. Everyone's pleased with performance. Well, one person isn't:

Poor table.

New areodynamic changes
It's rather typical of F1 to announce changes to "help overtaking" every now and then. But this time it's seems like they've hit the jackpot. Simplifying front wings was a genius idea. However, do you know who made these rules? That's right, it was the:


In other words, I have a better chance of making a good change then the FIA have.

Alonso win Le Mans
Yep, he has done it. It's two out of three for Alonso in his bid for the triple crown. He also did a sterling job during the night. One of my friends actually went to watch it, but didn't bring back any pictures. The cheek of him!

Red Bull sign Honda
They've done it. Red Bull have made their worst decision since allowing Ricciardo and Verstappen to race ech other in Baku by signing Honda for two years. But don't despair Red Bull fans, because there may be more to this announcement then meets the eye:

1. Is it a joke?


As you can see fro, the above picture, Verstappen looks rather smug. I mean, he always looks smug, but he looks incredibly smug in the picture. What if Red Bull have trown is a dummy? Intriguing situation, but that's not all:

2. Could it be a different manufacturer?

download (1).jpeg

But what if they aren't lying? I hear you ask. Well, could Ricciardo have let the cat out of the bag? Maybe he's telling Honda to keep a low profile, so that people don't suspect the truth that Honda are actually stolen Mercedes engines, which will power Red Bull to the front. Either that, or he's calling McLaren losers after they offered him a contract.

So to cap this off. I'm making a competition. Make a tweet trying to act like different drivers. Look at my example if you don't know what I mean:

Bwoah Verstappen hit me. Like honestly what are we doing? Racing? Or Ping pong? And he got a five seconds penalty. What a joke! What a joke! For sure, he deserves a disqualification. Also thanks to the amazing fans, you all made me go faster. #blessed

So I've impersonated five drivers there. If you still don't understand, then ignore it.

Joke of the day
So we have reached the end of this long post. I hope you enjoyed it, and I leave you with a pitiful, but ultimately odd joke:
And if that's not a joke someone's selling me a dummy.
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