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F1 jokes

Discussion about: F1 jokes
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Any F1 jokes can be put on this trend for the enjoyment of everyone :) I'll start with an old one:

Why did the chicken cross the road? This question was asked to a load of Formula 1 personalities. As you'd expect from grand prix drivers and team managers, the answers were varied...

Mika Hakkinen - "Why did the chicken cross the road?" (pause) "That's a tough question" (pause) "maybe' (pause) "maybe it's a question you have to ask the chicken."

David Coulthard - "I was really surprised when the chicken swerved right in front of me and crossed the road. I was expecting it to walk straight along the pavement, but it just cut right across in front of me, I think we'll need a ruling from the FIA if chickens are allowed to do this."

Michael Schumacher - "The chicken is allowed to move over, that is clearly within the rules. The chicken can make one move to defend his line. But it can't zig-zag backwards and forwards across the road. What it did was quite fair and within the rules."

Luca Montezemolo - "The chicken knew that it couldn't get to the other side first, so it had to wait for the rooster and let it through."

Alain Prost - "For sure the chicken crossed the road. But for me it was not as interesting as chickens crossing the road ten years ago."

Ron Dennis -'The objective of the poultry individual in this situation is to work towards the goal of a road crossing. We're comfortable that that can be achieved using only bi-ped motional forces. We would refuse to compromise until a safe chicken arrival scenario had been achieved"

Rubens Barrichello - "I'd like to dedicate the chicken crossing the road to my great friend Aydon Senna"

Jaques Villeneuve - "So what the f*** if the chicken gets run over. The chicken wanted to cross the road."

Max Mosley - " We have to find ways of slowing that chicken down and making them safer. For that reason the. FIA are changing.the rules so that chickens crossing roads will be equipped with special chicken bodywork and neck suppports."

James Allen - "Hey guys, you're not going to believe this, but the chicken's, on a dffierent strategy to the bantams."

Murray Walker and Martin Brundle -
Murray: And as the lights-go out, it's GO GO GO for, the duck as it dives towards...
Martin: It's a chicken Murray.
Murray: Yes, yes, it's a chicken, charging into the lead. I think it's got this race sewn up.
Martin: The chicken's stopped, Murray
Murray: DISASTER for the chicken! This will throw the whole geese crossing championship wide open!
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Fantastic idea, VFan17. I will have to make some up and come back and post them here! ;) :)

Brad P
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Loving this idea!!
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Yes, I do remember those.