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Di Grassi takes stunning victory in down to the wire Mexican EPrix

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Lucas Di Grassi, former Formula E champion and winner of the 2016-17 Mexican EPrix from 17th, won this year's Mexican EPrix in a thrilling climax. The Brazilian started 2nd, but fell to third at the start. He reovertook Oliver Rowland and graves the lead just meters from the finish line, as Pascal Wehrlein was denied a win in cruel circumstances.

Wehrlein lead the pack from pole position, but behind Rowland from 4th on the grid divebombed Di Grassi and Felipe Massa (starting 3rd) and moved into second. Massa fell back to sixth eventually as Sebastian Buemi and Antonio Felix Da Costa moved to 4th and 5th. Championship leader Sam Bird made up three positions on the opening lap from last but the biggest gainer was Jerome d'Ambrosio who made up 7 places up to 11th. The race was red flaged however because of a masaive shunt between Jean Eric Vergne and Nelson Piquet Jr. Piquet tried to pass Vergne on the inside into the final chicane but Vergne braked earlier and the two collided, Piquet being launched over the golden car and into the barrier, hitting Alexander Sims as well. Piquet was unhurt but the front of his car was destroyed. Sims and Vergne continued but had to repair their cars. Despite being allowed to catch up to the back of the pack, neither made much impact on the race, not as much as Piquet at least (I'll grab my coat).

After the red flag, 40 minutes plus a lap was left. The safety car came out for two laps before it returned to the pits. Da Costa with attack mode tried to past Buemi but the Nissan defended vigorously. Meanwhile, Bird wanted Robert Frijns, his teammate, to move out of the way as Jose Maria Lopez slowed the two down. Frijns refused and Bird was left to defend from Daniel Abt until Lopez was hit with three consecutive penalties. d'Ambrosio was still making good progress, he was up to ninth by the red flag and passed Andre Lotterer for eight, which would give him the championship lead.

Up front, Wehrlein, Rowland and Di Grassi where all close together and soon Buemi and Da Costa had caught up with them. Da Costa was the first to activate attack mode and Buemi followed suit a lap later, maintaining fourth. Di Grassi did likewise another lap later and kept third. However, when Rowland moved off-line to the attack mode area, Di Grassi was ready and quickly went to the inside of the next corner to move into second. Buemi tagged his teammate Rowland into the last chicane but both drivers held third and fourth. Wehrlein went into attack mode and kept first, and things were looking very good for him.

But in a season of unpredictability, there was more to come. Wehrlein was struggling and soon, it started to become clear he was running out of energy as the team calculated the amount of laps left incorrectly. He tried to save energy and Di Grassi was all over him. As the time ticked down, Di Grassi tried harder but Wehrlein defended like an absolute demon. But behind disaster struck Nissan. While Wehrlein entered the last two laps with 4% energy left, the Nissans only had 1% and both drivers dropped out from 3rd and 4th, promoting Da Costa onto the podium.

As the final lap started, Wehrlein had 2% and he tried to hold off Di Grassi with all his might. As they entered turn 3, Di Grassi went for the inside and the two collided, Wehrlein cutting the chicane. He lifted off and Di Grassi caught up with him. As they filled true way through the stadium section, Wehrlein was depending on a precious 1% of energy. He exited the final chicane and went through the final corner still leading, but as he exited the final corner, just second from the finish line, the energy hit 0. Di Grassi was prepared and as Wehrlein moved to defend the inside line, the Brazilian dived for a minute gap between the German and the wall. He went sideways and nearly hit the wall but he just squeezed through and took the win by 2 tenths from Wehrlein in a spectacular ending. Wehrlein was penalised for cutting the chicane, which promoted Da Costa to second and Mortara to third. Indeed, if the track was more like Chile, Mortara would have won as he was the only person to have some usable energy left in the final stages. d'Ambrosio ended in fourth, retaking the championship lead, ahead Lotterer and a gutted Wehrlein. 7th sent to Mitch Evans, 8th to Massa, 9th to Bird and Abt took the final point.

d'Ambrosio now leads the championship by 7 points from Da Costa who is a point ahead of Bird. Despite the disappointment of losing a win and a podium, Mahindra lead the teams championship by 6 points from Virgin who are ahead of BMW Andretti.


Discussion about: Di Grassi takes stunning victory in down to the wire Mexican EPrix
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Brilliant race, those last few laps were incredible tense. Gutted for Wehrlein but that's racing I guess. I reckon he's going to win the championship though, he's been incredible strong. He's only done three races and he didn't even participate in the first race.
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I clicked 'Someone else in the poll, as I do not watch or follow Formuala E.

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No offence @F1Fan1 but you don't need to state that under every FE related post
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OK, sorry.

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