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Crimewatch Roadshow Live: Series 11 (2019)

Discussion about: Crimewatch Roadshow Live: Series 11 (2019)
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Crimewatch Roadshow Live: Series 11 starts tomorrow (Monday 4th March 2019), with a brand new series, featuring reconstructions of crimes, asking the public to identify criminals. It is on BBC One at 9:15AM live, every weekday morning for the next three weeks! I will be religiously watching all 15 episodes. I love it.

Each episode is available shortly on BBC iPlayer after broadcast, for 24 hours only.

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Brad P
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How did the new episode go?
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Brillant, in terms of it's something I'm interested in. Cases and crimes featured were horrific and nasty. These things could happen to any of us. It does make me weary when I am out about, as anybody could come up behind you and do something to you. It's frightening really.

There was a case about a middle age couple at home watching TV; There was a knock on the door. The woman answered and these two men in crash helmets burst in, both armed with a hammer each. One was ransacking the house, the other was hitting her husband with the hammer, including his head.

Another case involved an 80 year old woman, pushing her three wheeled wheelie to buy some bread the local corner shop. She mugged and knocked to the ground by a man who creeped up silently behind her. He pushed her to the ground, running off with her purse bag and three wheeled wheelie.

You should watch it on BBC iPlayer. It expires when tomorrow's episode airs.