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Bus Incidents: 28/02/2019

Discussion about: Bus Incidents: 28/02/2019
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It's been a bit of an odd day today (28/02/2019), for myself, as while travelling on x2 different Stagecoach (A very well-known national bus operator in the UK) buses, these two events happened today (Warning: Some may find this a bit distressing to read):

Incident 1:
At around lunchtime, I went on the 41 service, on Alexander Dennis Enviro 300, YN64 AOS in Service 41 livery and there was a drunk man on a bike. He was on the kerb and just as the bus I was on went past him, he fell of the bike and half of his body fell in the road. The bus I was on was about a centimetre away, probably less from hitting him. It was so close. The bus driver slammed his breaks on, stopped, turned the Scania 9.0 litre engine off and leaped from the cab to go to his aid; So did some other car drivers. As the bus driver didn't hit the drunk cyclist, after 5 minutes of dealing with this accident, the bus driver had to leave, as his bus was already late, so even later from stopping.

Incident 2:
Also, about an hour after that, I was on the D service, on Alexander Dennis Enviro 200, SN64 OLW in Service D livery, a student fainted on the floor of the bus, while the bus was in motion. He was one of the many passengers standing up, as all of the seats were taken.

Two in one day! Very rare for one, never mind two!

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Neither of them were the bus or the bus drivers fault, maybe the second it was too crowded but that's on most buses, so I reckon it might be for other reasons. First incident was completely the cyclists fault, you don't cycle, drive etc. When you are drunk
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Yes, neither incident was the drivers fault. It’s against the law to be drunk in public anyway.