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British GP strategy analysis

Discussion about: British GP strategy analysis
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After that triller of a race, let's look at the strategies in Britain yesterday:

The front runners
Before the race one stop races were mainly predicted and that's what it looked like. Hamilton was lucky enough not to have ruined his tyres when he spun. Vettel had blistering and Raikkonen was struggling with understeer, so Ferrari boxed him to (a) get the penalty out of the way and (b) to possibly change the front wing angle to help the grip. That effectively put him on a two stop race because they didn't have great tyre wear. It was a smart move from Ferrari because due to the undercut Kimi managed to limit the damage of the penalty, losing only about five seconds to Verstappen. Hamilton stayed out to have fresh tyres at the end of the race, which was also smart from Mercedes. Ricciardo pitted for a second time, which is quite interesting. If they pitted Verstappen a few laps later, Ricciardo would have probably be ahead. Of course though his strategy backfired because of the safety car. With Vettel and Raikkonen both needing to pit, this was a great opportunity for them. If Red Bull were planning to give the same strategies to both drivers this was also what Verstappen needed. Keeping Hamilton out was a good decision, he has pitted a few Laos ago and had good pace. The problem was Bottas had pitted long ago, around the same time as Vettel. It was an agressive decision since he had shot tyres. Two safety cars helped him however. In the end he came fourth, so that begs the question, was it the right move from Mercedes? They finished second and fourth, so that's 30 points. If they pitted and assuming Hamilton managed to pass the Red Bulls (they weren't on the pace, may have put up a fight but would be DRSed). That makes them still second and fourth so it didn't make a difference, but it would mean Hamilton lost quite a few more points to Vettel, so for the championship it was a good decision. It's harsh on Bottas though, who's Neen very unlucky.

Part 2 will be out soon.
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