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Bernie Ecclestone’s net worth

Discussion about: Bernie Ecclestone’s net worth
Brad P
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BERNIE Ecclestone is a giant of motor racing world, having transformed Formula 1 into the spectacle we know today.

Here’s all you need to know about the 86-year-old Brit billionaire who ran the sport for 40 years and is now “chairman emeritus”.

The former F1 supremo has finally sold his share in the motorsport after nearly 40 years at the top of the game
Who is Bernie Ecclestone? What’s his background?
Eccelstone was born the son of a fisherman in Suffolk in 1930 and after WWII got his first job at a gasworks testing gas purity.

His first involvement in motorsport was trading spare parts for motorcycles before he branched into car racing in 1949, driving Formula 3 series cars.

Following an accident he withdrew from racing cars himself.

After making successful investments in property he returned to motorsport in a management role making his first entry into Formula 1.

He was involved in team ownership until 1978 when he formed the Constructors Association in 1974 and became its chief executive four years later.

This role would put him at the top of the sport for nearly four decades as he turned it into a multi-billion-dollar business.

How much did Bernie Ecclestone sell Formula 1 for?
Ecclestone finally sold the commercial rights Formula 1 to Liberty Media in 2017 following approval form the sport’s governing body this year.

The FIA said its partnership with Liberty will “ensure the continued success and development” of F1.

It bought just over 18 per cent of the shares in Delta Topco, the holding company of the F1 Group, in September.

The takeover of the sport cost the American company £6.4 billion.

Ecclestone has been replaced in his role by Chase Carey, moustachioed vice chairman of 21st Century Fox media.

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