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All time Formula One records

Discussion about: All time Formula One records
Brad P
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Formula One is about racing, about passion but most of all about results. While some races keep in the heads of several fans, there are achievements in every era of F1 that must not be forgotten. Several of these records are listed here. (until after Abu Dhabi 2010)

Driver records

The oldest winner
Luigi Fagioli was 53 years and 22 days old when he won the Grand Prix of France in 1951. He drove with an Alfo Romeo that he shared with Juan Manual Fangio.

The youngest winner
1. Max Verstappen was 18 years and 228 days old when he won the Spanish Grand Prix of 2016 in a Red Bull RB12
2. Sebastian Vettel was 21 years and 73 days when he won the Italian GP 2008 in an Toro Rosso STR03
3. Fernando Alonso, 22 years and 26 days when he won the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2003 with a comfortable 16.7 second advantage over runner-up Räikkönen. Alonso was hereby also the first Spaniard to win a Grand Prix.
4. Troy Ruttman, 22 years and 80 days, winning the American GP 1952.

The youngest driver on pole position
1. Sebastian Vettel was 21 years and 72 days when putting his Toro Rosso on pole for the Italian GP 2008.
2. Fernando Alonso at the age of 21 years, 7 months, 23 days. He put his Renault F1 on pole for the first time in his career at the Malaysian GP of 2003.
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Most wins
1. Michael Schumacher: 91 wins
2. Lewis Hamilton: 64 wins
3. Alain Prost: 51 wins
4. Sebastian Vettel: 49 wins
5. Ayrton Senna: 41 wins
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