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2018 Austrian GP - your prediction

Discussion about: 2018 Austrian GP - your prediction
Who takes the pole,
Who wins, your first 3 on the podium ?

I take Vettel for the Pole
and to Win.
2nd Ricciardo
3rd Bottas

What's your prediction ?
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Hamilton and Vettel collided at the start, Hamilton DNF, Vettel has to pit but recovers to the top ten. Verstappen leads and uses some extremely robust defensive moves against Ricciardo throughout the race as they are barely separated by a second, battling for a long time. Then with 15 laps to go, Verstappen crashes with Ricciardo (shocker) and they are both out. Bottas has a comfortable lead now over Raikkonen, but suddenly Raikkonen goes into kimister mode and starts catching Bottas at a vast rate of knots. He catches him on the final lap, his engineer says "last lap Kimi, all or nothing" (deja vu). Kimi goes for a move around the outside of turn four (the hairpin) but hits Bottas. Bottas is out of the spot, Kimi has lost a wheel but drags the car to the line to win for the first time in over 100 races, only to be disqualified 3 days later for driving a damaged car. Leclerc is informed that he is in fact the race winner, having thought he was fourth, but both McLarens were running illegal Mercedes engines and Kimi was disqualified so he becomes the first driver from Monaco to win a race. Vettel takes second and Hulkenburg takes third, though only after a long fight with the FIA over whether his car was illegal or not, which is only resolved in his favour on the 31st of December.

Just another day in Formula One.
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Turns out none of us where close haha