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  1. Brad P

    What should be F1’S next destination?

    Could happen, I would love to see this.
  2. Brad P

    Thank you for joining, hope you enjoy your stay. If you need any help just let me know.

    Thank you for joining, hope you enjoy your stay. If you need any help just let me know.
  3. Brad P

    F1 Historic Championship

    To be added
  4. Brad P

    F2Grid Championship

    To be added
  5. Brad P

    F1Grid championship

    To be added
  6. Brad P

    F1GRID Championship Regulation

    This will be have regulations written in here....
  7. Brad P

    Poll DARK or LIGHT style

    That makes 2 of us
  8. Brad P

    Site Updates

    Review plug in will be next
  9. Brad P

    Poll DARK or LIGHT style

    So with both styles up and running I’m still unsure what style to roll out as our default, so I have decided to do a simple poll. I’ll start with the light style.
  10. Brad P

    Who's Ferrari's Greatest Ever F1 Driver?

    Who gets your vote as Ferrari's greatest ever F1 driver? Ferrari have had some incredible drivers but it's got to be Schumacher for me. I think he's the greatest F1 driver of all time, let alone Ferrari's best ever F1 driver
  11. Brad P

    What do you think of the new F1 logo?

    Were Liberty right to change the logo? What do you think of it? Love it, hate it, or just a bit meh? personally I like it, looks very retro .. I think the backlash is just the standard resistance to any big change, and it'll probably grow on people
  12. Brad P

    What should be F1’S next destination?

    With the 2018 Formula 1 World Championship calendar formally confirmed with 21 rounds of action thanks to the return of the German and French races, could the sport continue to look further afield for new destinations in the future? I want to know what circuits or venues you would like to see...
  13. Red Bull, Mercedes, F1

    Red Bull, Mercedes, F1

    Daniel Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull, Mercedes, F1
  14. Brad P

    Site Updates

    Oh I see what you mean. So you don’t prefer to have it in the navbar like this. As it looks a little more tidy?
  15. Brad P

    Site Updates

    What part are we talking about here? Sorry Sthomas is asking me what it is that needs to change.
  16. Brad P

    F1 News Schumacher manager denies Mallorca move

    Michael Schumacher's manager has denied reports the F1 legend is moving to Spain. It was reported this week, and confirmed by the local mayor, that the Schumacher family including the seven time world champion are relocating from Switzerland to a EUR 30 million property in Mallorca -- an island...
  17. Brad P

    Site Updates

    No problem I can ask @SThomas to fix that. Mobile only as I do like it on pc.
  18. Brad P

    Reviews discussion board suggestion

    Looking good, i will ask @SThomas to take a look at this, i also like this as well as a viewing point and then have the review as you have displayed.
  19. Brad P

    Looking forward to Spa

    So the break is over and next week brings Belgium, i love Spa it's one of my favourite circuits, hoping Vettel can shine and get some points to try catch Lewis. How do you see this race going?
  20. Brad P

    Site Updates

    All bugs should be find :)